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What does your memory feel like?

We often think that memories are just about the past, and that with time passing they are inevitably doomed to progressively fade. Imagine now that you could walk again through locations which are significant to you, complete with specific narrative points which are important to the memory you have of such locations.

How is a memory model made?

After looking through our tutorial, it is time to video the location you would like to make into a Memory Model. Below we have included a sample video to give you a sense of what we need. 

Memories are not just about the past, memories play a role in shaping our future too. And our future can be one in which we can live again meaningful places that we cannot visit as often as we would like, or that no longer exist. “Memory models” are bricks meant to pave a long-lasting bridge connecting the past and the future that we can walk through in both directions.


  • How do I get startedEither click on the button at the top of the page, or email to be given a free guide to producing a scan.

  • What do I do? Take a video of 4-8 mins long, using our tutorial as a guide, and provide us with narrative details about the location you would like to scan for a memory model.

  • Then what? Send the file, as directed in the tutorial.

  • How long is delivery? Between 1-2 weeks after the file has been sent.

  • There's a few things I still don't understand, who should I speak toPlease email with any query, no matter how small. We are here to help.

  • How much does this service cost? Pricing depends on size of file, complexity of design; however pricing begins at ? per model.

  • is there a preview

  • do you approve the preview?

  • return policy if any

  • How do i pay? cta is as well email address, automatic email at end of tutorial? send video transfer, receive automatic email “we have received your files”, and then time-sensitive email which includes payment options as final step prior to receiving files

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